Ysgol Caer Elen

Daw derwen o fesen fach

School Ethos

As the school is an official bilingual school, it is expected that both parents/carers and pupils are enthusiastic about educating through the medium of Welsh. It's expected that pupils show respect and pride in the Welsh Language by using it constantly; inside and outside the classroom. We will strive to engender pride in the pupils for the language, culture, history and heritage of Wales.

We will do our best to instill in the pupils respect for people and property so that we live in a civilized and tolerant society. We will also try to nurture personal virtues in the pupils, such as courtesy, honesty, perseverance and conscientiousness amongst others.

The importance of providing equal opportunities for every child regardless of his/her ability, sex, age or linguistic background will be emphasized.

High standards of discipline are set in the school which is reflected in the appearance and behaviour of the pupils. We believe that the most effective way of maintaining discipline is by fostering self-discipline and a responsible attitude among the pupils.

We will develop a family atmosphere in the school with close co-operation between the staff (teachers, administration staff, and kitchen staff), pupils and parents/carers. 

We hope to see the school evolve into a community school with the community using the facilities of the school extensively in the evening and in a reciprocal manner, the school using the community as a resource to enrich the education of the children.