Ysgol Caer Elen

Daw derwen o fesen fach

School Rules

Pupils are expected to behave in a courteous and reasonable manner at all times. In order to sustain and uphold the Welsh ethos of the school, pupils are expected to communicate with each other in Welsh at all times. 

Every pupil in this school must adhere to the following rules: 

1) Official school uniform must be worn in school at all times.

2) No pupil is allowed to leave lessons or the school campus without the Headteacher or a member of the Management Team’s permission. Pupils must sign out before leaving the school and also on return.

3) Every pupil is expected to be present in school on a regular basis and pupils must bring a letter to explain any absences.

4) No pupil should have their hair coloured in an extreme fashion.

5) No trainers should be worn except for games. Canvas or Ballet-type shoes are not permitted.

6) Jewellery, make-up and coloured nails are not permitted.

7) Electronic equipment are not to be brought to school.

8) All personal belongings must be marked with your own name in indelible ink.

9) As the school is used by the community in evenings, all items of clothing and personal belongings must be taken home at 3.20pm. The school is not responsible for any items left overnight.

10) Drinking, smoking, drugs or any kind of precocious behaviour is not allowed. Offenders will be suspended /expelled.

11) School bags to every lesson and they must be left in the appropriate places during break and lunch periods. 

12) Pupils who arrive at school late must report to the Office on arrival.

13) Vandalism. It is expected that pupils who break any school equipment will have to pay for such damage. They must also pay for damage done to other pupils’ property.

14) No fighting will be tolerated and a pupil who attack another pupil will be excluded.

15) Bullying will not be tolerated.

16) Pupils must arrive punctually at morning registration period and to all lessons.

17) Chewing gum is not allowed on the school premises.

18) Pupils who wish to receive medical attention during lessons time, must first obtain permission from the Headteacher or a member of the Management Team. No pupil should be out of lesson without permission.

19) A school bag of a reasonable size must be used to carry school books, and another bag must be used to carry games kit. 

20) Food must be eaten in the Refectory. Pupils should not eat food in any other part of the school.

21) Rubbish should always be placed in bins.

22) It is not permitted to take photographs or to film on school buses, school campus or on school excursions.

23) The school reserves the right to withdraw a pupil who has misbehaved from going on school trips.