Ysgol Caer Elen

Daw derwen o fesen fach

KS4 Curriculum - GCSE

The steps in the school career of our Year 9 pupils at Ysgol Caer Elen will certainly be important and exciting. As Year 9 pupils come to the end of Key Stage 3 and begin their GCSE studies we will ensure that we provide the best guidance and advice which will help them make decisions regarding subject choices that are most relevant to their future career pathways. 

During Year 10 and Year 11, pupils will study the core subjects which are Welsh, English, Mathematics and Science. The other compulsory subjects are Religious Studies, the Welsh Baccalaureate and Physical Education. 

Year 9 pupils during 2020-21 have had the opportunity to choose three subjects from the three Option Blocks created. Pupils will need to make sure that they choose wisely and consider which subjects are most relevant to their future pathways.