Ysgol Caer Elen

Daw derwen o fesen fach

Annual Parent/Governor Meeting

Section 94 School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 (the act) makes important changes to the previous legislative arrangements in respect of the Annual Parent/Governor Meetings.  It provides new arrangements whereby parents can request a meeting with a governing body.  

However, the parents will need to satisfy the four (4) statutory requirements when calling a meeting which are follows:-

  • (i) that the parents of 10% of registered pupils, or the parent of 30 registered pupils (whichever is the lower) must sign a petition requesting a meeting;
  • (ii) the meeting must be for the purpose of discussing matters relating to the school;
  • (iii) the maximum number of meetings that parents can request in any school year is three (3);
  • (iv) there must be sufficient school days left in the school year to allow a meeting to be held.


  1. a) meetings must be held before the end of a 25 day period;
  2. b) the 25 day period commences the day after receipt of the petition but does not include any day which is not a school day;
  3. c) if another meeting is required to be held as a result of a different petition the 25 day period will not commence until the day the other meeting has been held;
  4. d) there must be sufficient days left in the school year to allow a meeting to be held before the end of the 25 day period;
  5. e) meetings will be open to all parents of registered pupils at the school, Head and any other person invited by the governing body;
  6. f) notification of meetings to parents must include the date, time and venue of the meeting and the matter or matters to be discussed. 

Governing bodies will need to inform the parents annually of the right to petition using  the powers provided by Section 94. 

Annex B – Your right to request a meeting with the school’s Governing Body - I can confirm that during the academic year 2015-156the Governing Body has not held a parents according to Section 94 of the School Standards & Organisation Act 2013.